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Magicks and Rituals of The Force

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Magicks and Rituals of The Force

Post by Kitaro on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:53 am

While most rituals and hangovers of the word "magic" carry a darker connotation and are simply a primitive means of describing acts of The Force, there is an element that goes beyond it's practical knowledge. Rituals that, if met, can grant powers or effects as well as spells and other means of using the force to in occult or ritualistic ways. Rituals and Magic rely more on Force Alignment than Force abilities however and the two possess completely different ranges of abilities. Those who manage to hang in the neutral zone of the force have access to both but at one and a half times the cost for any. Using abilities of Intermediate or Master level requires an additional 3 MP to be spent toward acquiring the Force Magic talent. These types of Force Abilities are categorized into Basic, Intermediate, and Master and have costs of three, five, and seven MP respectively. They will be listed below respectively. The combative use of Force Magic and Rituals requires the situation to meet the requirements listed within the specific ability's description, also, below.

Dark Blast (D)
Cloak of Light (L)

Essence Transfer (D)
Thought Bomb (D)
Wall of Light (L)
Force Bubble (L)

Dark Tendrils (D)
Sever Force (L)


Dark Blast: A powerful build up or Dark Side energy, typically in either or both hands, that is then blasted at a target, similarly to a blaster bolt firing. Upon contact with a living being the Dark Blast energy will immediately cause burning results as if the recipient were being forced through a fire. The use of this technique requires mention of it's charging a full post before it's use.

Cloak of Light: A concentrated wrapping of Light Side energy around a target object or being. Once applied to a target, any use of the Force that does not entirely rely on the Light Side will have it's magnitude reduced by 5 in determining it's effects, however as the application of this ritual is temporary, the effect lessens by 1 after each post following it's use until it reaches 0 at which point this ability is canceled. May only be applied once per topic.


Essence Transfer: A technique that calls upon the ancient principles of sorcery and the strong emotions attached to the quest for immortality. Summoning one's own will entirely and catapulting it into the body of another, immediately followed up by a battle between conflicting wills within the chosen body, the winner taking control and the loser being sent to the Void. Once used, the user's will is decreased by 1 for the duration of the technique and applied directly against the will of the target for the previously described results. This technique requires a topic of preparation work in the topic directly before the one this technique is used in, naming a target.

Thought Bomb: An incredibly difficult to accomplish Dark Side Magic capable of draining an entire world of it's Force energy and Force users. The thought bomb is performed by a circle of powerful Dark Side practitioners requiring 150 MP total between those performing the technique as well as all those involved having access to this technique. Following a topic where all Dark Side users merge their consciousness into a Dark Side distortion so powerful that it begins to draw in all heat, light, and sound into the vacuum created. Once this point has been reached, the thought bomb can be detonated by the now united consciousness of the group at any time. After it's detonation the bomb spreads to cover the entire planet it was detonated on, absorbing all of the Force as it spreads, before upon completion forming a floating oval emitting a pale light and causing immense pain of fire and ice upon contact and compelling those in it's presence to look upon it.

Wall of Light: An immensely concentrated Light Side energy requiring multiple Light Side practitioners to perform and causing lasting effects to an individual or planet. Using the combined light side power, the Light siders involved are capable of creating a cage of pure light side energy that is capable of preventing Dark Side energy from coming through. This technique requires four Light Side force users capable of this technique to perform. Once underway, the Light Side users may project this Wall of Light around an individual that is physically present causing them to be unable to use Dark Side techniques for as long as the Light siders remain present. Alternatively the users may focus their Light Side energies toward the planet as a whole cleansing the negative penalties to the Light or doubling the effectiveness of the Light's enhancements so long as the Light siders remain present on that world.

Force Bubble: Contrary to the name, Force Bubble implies a region of space that is devoid of Force and thus an area in which it is unable to call upon it's powers or cause effects within by using the Force. Creating a Force Bubble is akin to shaping the Light Side Force around an area to effectively cycle out all elements of it's presence from inside. Projected around anything  this technique is capable of nullifying incoming Force abilities and those attempting to affect that which is inside, though at the cost of any Force techniques or abilities coming from inside of the bubble. This technique can be used once per topic and may remain active for a time equal to 1/3 of the maximum combat time afforded by the user's Endurance.


Dark Tendril: A powerful Dark magic that draws upon the latent energies of planetary bodies and brings their essence to form through Dark Side power. This technique requires a planet that has more Dark Side than Light Side power. Upon activation, the user summons the Dark Side of the very planet itself creating eighteen whispy tendrils which the user gains complete control of for three posts. These eighteen tendrils move slowly and deliberately, as if the pace of someone walking, but are capable of moving freely in three dimensions. Upon contact with any living material the tendrils immediately burn through it and cause a disintegrating effect, if the effected living matter is capable of feeling pain, all remains of it are subject to pain's very essence, capable of freezing those with a will of under 6 and severely hindering those with a will under 9.

Sever Force: A powerful Light Side that involves purging a target body of all connections to the Force, designed to combat the Dark Side with a non fatal means of rendering powerful Sith harmless in the large scale. The technique requires three posts of maintained physical contact with a target though otherwise has no requirements, following it's usage this technique reduces the Magnitude of all future force abilities used by the target by 9.


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